Regent Park Secures Commitment for Community Benefits Agreement for Phase 4/5

Community Benefits Agreement Phase 4/5: We have been working hard as a community over the past three years to make sure that substantial community benefits are part of the redevelopment plan for phases 4/5. As a result of that effort, over $26 million was secured for community benefits in the new contract between TCHC and Tridel. A Community Benefits Oversight Working Group which includes Regent Park residents and organizations has been convened by TCHC and Tridel to finalize a community engagement process and finalize the Community Benefits Agreement. 

About RPNA’s Community Benefits Coalition

The Coalition was formed by the Regent Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) comprised of TCHC and Condo residents, with support from local community organizations and the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN). The Coalition is working with community members, community groups and organizations to leverage equitable local economic development opportunities and community benefits from Regent Park’s last phases of revitalization. 


The Coalition’s purpose is to improve the revitalization Request for Proposal (RFP) process by demanding a seat at the table with TCHC to ensure community benefits requirements with hard targets and increased transparency for Phases 4 & 5 of revitalization in Regent Park. Through these efforts, the Coalition wants TCHC and the developer partner to set up key infrastructure that will continue to support the community for years to come and the means to hold them accountable through a legally binding Community Benefits Agreement.

Members include:

Pavithra Sulanthar, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Marlene DeGenova, Co-Chair Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Barb Brook, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Walied Khogali, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Ismail Afrah, Co-Chair Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Ibrahim Afrah, Resident leader

Miguel avila-velarde, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Gail Lynch, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Deany Peters, Regent Park Community Health Centre 

Larry Chang, Resident Leader

Zaheed Alli, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Jonella Evangelista, Yonge Street Mission 

Calboy Seseman, Resident leader

Brian Eng, Resident leader

Brian Gonsalves, Student 

Stephanie Beattie, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Sureya Ibrahim, Toronto Centre for Learning & Development 

Sunday Harrison, GreenThumbsTO

John Alves, Resident Leader

Denise Soueidan-O'Leary, Centre for Social Innovation

Regent Park Tenants Association 

Kumsa Baker, Toronto Community Benefits Network 

Gagan Nijjar, Toronto Community Benefits Network 

Aqib Ahmed (student), Toronto Community Benefits Network 

August 2020: 

Toronto Community Housing - Regent Park Community Benefits Townhall 

March 2020: 

The Regent Park Community Benefits Coalition has signed a Community Benefits Framework Agreement with Toronto Community Housing for Phases 4 + 5 revitalization in Regent Park. 
Thanks to the Regent Park Neighbourhood Association (RPNA), local community members and organizations that helped lead this campaign over the past year. The Coalition engaged neighbours through petitions, activated local stakeholders, hosted meetings for community members to learn more about the revitalization process, developed a shared vision (Community Priorities report) and sought support from local stakeholders including local Councillor Kristyn Wong Tam, MPP Suze Morrison and MP Bill Morneau.  

The Community Benefits Framework Agreement:
  • Highlights key principles and values for the revitalization process
  • Secures TCHC commitments to the use of the Community Priorities report themes in negotiations with selected developer partner
  • Outlines roles and responsibilities of TCHC, City of Toronto and Coalition throughout Phase 4 + 5 revitalization
  • Identifies how the selected developer will engage the community to co-develop a Community Benefits Plan that will be formalized into a legally binding agreement

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